Big, Big Bear

I was feeling the urge to beat the heat and relax by a lake today, so I decided to venture to the mountains and the choice fell on Big Bear. Although not exactly close (it takes about two hours from the Coachella Valley), the trip goes by very fast, thanks to the beautiful scenery of perfectly…

Borrego Springs

Someone asked me the other day if I’ve ever visited Borrego Springs and I sheepishly admitted that no, not only I had never been there, but never heard of it, either. I had to make up for the time lost and decided to go there the very next day. It takes about an hour and a…

Baja Dream

The Mexican peninsula of Baja California is only a quick three-hour drive from L.A. and is always worth a visit especially if on a budget and with limited time. I love going there whenever I have the bug for international travel without flying long hours.

Desert Jungle

We recently discovered that one of the family’s paintings is none other than a Sam Hyde Harris, a well-known desert painter born in 1889 and active until his death in 1977. The painting in our possession depicts a cluster of tall palm trees completely covered from top to bottom with layers of old yellow frowns. They…

Slab City

If you’re visiting the Salton Sea, then you have to go see Slab City, another unique place that epitomizes off-the-grid living. Big time.

The Salton Sea

When I first heard about the Salton Sea, I honestly thought it was just a fantasy … I mean, a huge body of water in the middle of the desert, really? But no, it is as real as the air we breathe. It exists and it’s actually posing a threat to the same air we…

Araby Trail

Bob Hope’s house is perhaps the most iconic and noticeable residence perched high above South Palm Springs. I’ve always wanted to visit it, but it’s not open to the public and the private road that leads to it is guarded by a rather ominous sign that is either morbidly comical or disturbingly forewarning. So, what…

Tahquitz Canyon

I finally had the chance to hike Tahquitz Canyon over the weekend and it took my breath away: This canyon is beyond beautiful! Although it’s open all year round, I waited until now because spring is the ideal time to witness the spectacular waterfall formed by the San Jacinto Mountains’ melting snow.

The Cathedral City Cove Art Scene

Many desert residents and visitors might not know that Palm Springs’ neighboring town, Cathedral City, is equally vibrant with creative types and personalities. The hilly side of Cathedral City, named the “Cove”, is surrounded by spectacular rocky mountains and beautiful landscapes dotted by palm trees, perfumed jasmine, and colorful bougainvillea. It’s probably why it has…

Modernism Week

Since Palm Springs has the largest concentration of midcentury design in the world, it’s no wonder that architects, designers, and style enthusiasts alike often flock here to get inspired or to shop for midcentury furniture and unique paraphernalia. For the last nine years, Modernism Week has offered not only the chance for modern era aficionados to…

The Morteen Botanical Garden

There may not be a Winter Wonderland out here in the desert, but an equally magical garden awaits for you to see. The Morteen Botanical Garden, situated just off South Palm Canyon Drive, is a cacti and succulents paradise that offers guided tours and lectures about the variety of desert flora all year round.

Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs is located right across from Palm Springs and is known for the quality of its mineral waters, considered the best in the world for their composition and healing powers.