Sound Bath in the Desert

I first heard about the Integratron a few years ago from a friend who was into aliens and conspiracy theories … I knew they were offering some sort of spiritual retreats in there but still, the fact that it was built by an aeronautical engineer who was also one of the leaders in the UFO movement who held annual “Spacecraft Conventions”, I was afraid of the possibility of being abducted by E.T. and moved to outer space!

It was a recent article on Vanity Fair about the sound baths and their rejuvenation benefits that convinced me to give the Integratron a try. The sound baths are sonic healing session that, due to the Integratron’s acoustically perfect dome structure, have the power to shake the chakras and nourish the nervous system.

We drove about 2 1/2 hours with a group of friends to the small village of Landers, located near Joshua Tree. The Integratron is not visible until you’re on the little street that leads to the parking lot. Our sound bath was scheduled at noon, but because it was so packed, we had to wait for the second one, half hour later (public sound baths are available on weekends on a first come first serve fashion). We lounged in the adjacent patio until the gates opened; we stood briefly in line and entered the dome with another 50 fellow bathers. We each climbed the stairs to the upper level where the sound session takes place. The room is very cozy; the walls and the floor are covered in wood and there are no nails or screws, in order for the dome to sound like a musical instrument.

Soon after lying down on our yoga mats, our host started playing quartz crystal bowls; I closed my eyes and allowed the vibrations to enter my body and chakras. The sounds, similar to the ones of an aircraft or jet engine, were louder than I expected, they took up all the space and the air, they bounced off the wall. Some were more high pitch and eerie, making them the perfect soundtrack for a sci-fi movie. I could feel them entering from one ear and staying there for a while and then moving to the next one. I could also feel the sound vibrating in my back, belly, and throat, moving gradually to my different chakras. The bath lasted about 20 minutes — I felt very peaceful and relaxed afterwards, but also a little slower. My friends felt pretty much the same although, they could not stop laughing saying that those sounds were really alien x-rays and that our identities are now registered in an extraterrestrial database that the aliens will use later to come and kidnap us. We’ll see … in that case, I’ll change the name of the blog to ‘Around the Universe with the Duchess’.


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