Malibu Colonial

Malibu has always been one my favorite beach destinations in L.A. I love the fact that it’s less crowded and cleaner, and boats romantic and expansive views every way one turns. I thought I saw everything there is to see, so I was pleasantly surprised when, I made a wrong turn by the Malibu lagoon and ended up in a driveway with sign saying “Adamson” in an elegant Arabian- looking font. For a moment, I thought I was entering a private property, but further signs indicated that the property was open for visits. Curious to find out what Adamson was all about, I parked and started strolling the perfectly manicured gardens (from which there is a beautiful view of the lagoon with its spectrum of different colors) and slowly made my way to the Spanish colonial house sitting in all its splendor at the center of the gardens.

I felt like a kid on Christmas day, I started walking around the mansion with big excitement. I was determined to explore every detail and wondered why I’ve never heard about this beauty before, since apparently it has been a museum since 1983. I found out that Adamson House, designed by a well-known architect, Stiles Clements, was constructed in 1929, occupied by the Adamson family during the summer, beginning in 1930, and lived in all year beginning in 1937. In 1968, the State purchased the property.

The indoor is well preserved and features elegant rugs and antique, but the outdoors is definitely the gem of this property. I absolutely loved all the different fountains and tiles (which, by the way, were made in Malibu) I will definitely go back for a romantic picnic with the Duke


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  1. Jimmy says:

    I’ve lived in Santa Monica for years and never knew about this place…Thanks

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