Cuban-Korean Birthday Bash

My birthday weekend started off with a great night at La Descarga, a Cuban-inspired speakeasy in the heart of East Hollywood. This is one of my new favorite bars; there’s a great ambiance and delicious drinks, but the best part is the set up of the place itself. As soon as one enters the door, there’s a flight of stairs that leads to a room that looks like a vintage living room in a private apartment. In there, a pretty and friendly hostess welcomes everyone by announcing that there are three different rooms to choose and burlesque performances at every hour. After the introductions, she opened the doors of a closet, moved the clothing hangers and let us in the main room; I felt like Alice for a second! We walked the long balcony and then went down the spiral stairs to the bar, which is made of a nice honey brown wood with arches resembling a gothic altar. The walls, the ceiling, the couches, and chandelier also have a vintage look (I am not sure if I should call it ‘Havana’ look since I’ve never been there, but surely the Caribbean music makes everyone feel like we’re right in the heart of Cuba). This is the main room where the live band performs from a balcony overlooking the bar and also where the burlesque shows take place.

The burlesque show

The Cigar Room is where one can taste different blends of cigars or just have a cigarette; it looks like a regular room, but it’s really a patio with a semi-opened celing. The Gold Room is a smaller rugged lounge.

On Saturday morning I hit the Olympic Spa with a couple of girlfriends. I had heard such amazing things about the Korean Spa and treatments that I couldn’t wait to try them. It was so appropriate that I picked my birthday to go there, since every woman in the spa was in her birthday suit! I usually do have a problem with nudity, since I’m shy when it comes to strip down … but seeing all those women of every age, form, and shape walking around with nonchalance, I just didn’t mind anymore. After sitting in the aromatic steam room and sauna and soaking in the super hot mugworth pool, I decided to get the signature body scrub and a shiatsu massage. For the body scrub, a Korean woman made me lay down on a massage bed covered with a plastic tablecloth and she started scrubbing every inch of my body with a special glove with such an intensity, that I thought my skin would have certainly turned purple!! I could see the dead skin peeling off like the one of a snake … After the scrubbing, my Korean momma rinsed me a couple of times and rubbed some fabulously scented soap on my skin, she also washed my hair! After this treatment, my skin was not purple at all, and it was the softest I’ve ever had! The massage was perfect bliss, so much so that I had troubles in walking afterwards! Ahahah!

The jaded floor

I loved the beautiful heated jaded floor — my girlfriends and I took a quick nap there before heading to the Spa’s restaurant for a healthy Korean lunch. For the rest of the day, I felt like I was walking on clouds but somehow I managed to rock out at another Koreantown institution later that night, Rosen, for some Karaoke fun with my peeps.


Karaoke at Rosen

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