Happy Campers!!

Camping is one of life’s simplest and purest joys.

If you have never tried it before, go get your tent and sleeping bag now or you’ll miss out on a good time filled of adventure and marshmallows by the fire. What makes a camper like me even happier is a bunch of friends to share the experience with.

Last weekend, we celebrated our friend’s birthday in Leo Carrillo and it was super fun.
This camping site is north of Malibu and sits across Highway 1 overlooking the ocean and the tide pools. The best sites are by the hills where a single lot offers multiple spaces to set up tents; each lot comes with a firepit, a grill, and a picnic table with benches. Dogs are allowed, so a bunch of us, with much delight, were able to bring our four-legged children.
We spent time running and playing at the beach; we explored the marine life and spotted many star fishes, urchins, and crabs. We also jumped through the rocks and ventured into a cave.

The marine life explorers!
The cave

When the sun set, the temperature at the camp dropped considerably, so we all bundled up and gathered by the fire where we grilled steaks, hot dogs, and burgers. For dessert, our friend came up with a special recipe: the “cananas” (sliced banana sandwiched between Chips Ahoy cookies), which was a nice alternative to the vegan marshmellows (also delicious, but variety is priceless!)

The sky is always so pitch dark when you’re away from civilization (or just plain city lights) that a myriad of stars and constellations are visible with the naked eye. This invariably leads to long discussions on the workings of the universe, quantum physics, aliens … and, of course, to the ultimate philosophical question “why are we here?”. By the time we all agreed on one answer, we drank too much wine or beer and realized that it was only 10 p.m., even though, it felt like 2 a.m.

The whole gang


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  1. Adorable review of our camping adventures!!! We still gotta answer all those questions about aliens & quantum physics… Haha! Great post, Ari. Xo, s

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