The Venice Canals

Every now and then, I must admit, I miss wandering through the narrow calli (walkways), campielli (squares), and bridges of my beautiful Venice. Venice gives the illusion that you own her while you walk through her narrow little streets, when in fact, you don’t; she’s a mysterious older sexy lady that doesn’t need anyone to validate her. We are just passengers and guests that are invited to experience her beauty, perfection, and elegant architecture.

When I first moved to the States, I decided that Venice Beach had to be the place of my residence. I was longing for something familiar that made me feel right at home, but I soon realized that the similarities begin and stop with the name. Venice Beach is a colorful fun beach town with great bungalows and shops that has played an important role in the 1960’s counterculture. Throughout the years it has continued to contribute to the arts, music, and architecture, but it’s no Venice, Italy, obviously.

I love walking on the fun and noisy boardwalk or shopping on posh Abbot Kinney but, what I enjoy the most, is walking through the canals. Here’s a video on my typical stroll.

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  1. lilamagazine says:

    One of my favorite spots in town 😉

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