My Kasbah

It’s been a while since I wrote about my adventures and the reason is that I was busy moving to the desert. Palm Springs is what I call home now and the Kasbah will be my main residence for a couple of years or so. Although this beautiful resort area is only two hours away from L.A., its scenery, landscape, and climate couldn’t be more different. It really looks like a completely different country; the red rocky mountains resemble the ones found in Morocco while the streets lined with gorgeous palm trees are similar to the ones in Hawaii. The lifestyle is quite the opposite of L.A., as well; The pace is so much slower and people are in no rush and always friendly. The quality of the air seems better and the 350 days of sun with dry heat makes it a great location for a healthier living.

Palm Springs view from Bob Hope’s house
My Kasbah



Honestly, I’m a little scared of the heat; so far I’ve only experienced a couple of days around 102 and don’t know how I will handle the real deal when summer comes, but I discovered that our bodies really do adapt well and there are tricks to cool off and live a normal life without being affected by it. Also, contrary to the usual stereotypes, yes this is mainly a retirement area, but I already met a vibrant community of young artists, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers. Palm Springs is considered the epicenter of midcentury architecture with the largest number of houses and case studies. It has a beautiful art museum with an impressive art collection and many galleries. Also, did I mention that it used to be the playground for the rich and famous? In its heyday Palm Springs was Hollywood royalty’s favorite destination and Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Hope, to name a few, all owned a home here. It’s quite a glamorous legacy and I feel right at home.

Palm Springs Art Museum
Marilyn in downtown Palm Springs

I started juicing regularly and enjoy going for long walks on the nearby washes by the mountains. I’m definitely going to write more now and explore all that this community has to offer. I like change, so I’m diving in this new adventure with an open heart and open mind. Stay tuned!

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  1. lilamagazine says:

    Bellissima casa Ari! Spero di venire presto! Congratulazioni!

    1. Vieni, ti aspetto!

  2. rock the kasbah! =) welcome 2 Palm Springs!

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