The Morteen Botanical Garden


There may not be a Winter Wonderland out here in the desert, but an equally magical garden awaits for you to see. The Morteen Botanical Garden, situated just off South Palm Canyon Drive, is a cacti and succulents paradise that offers guided tours and lectures about the variety of desert flora all year round.



There are more than 3,000 species of plants found along the natural trails and a spectacular green room of rare cacti known as “The World’s Finest Cactarium” on the grounds. Founded initially as a private arboretum, the Morteen family has been showcasing their collections of desert plants to cacti lovers since 1938. The private residence, done in an exquisite Mediterranean style, is the elegant centerpiece of the property and for this reason, it’s been rightly named the “Cactus Castle”. How perfect!!


The garden party areas are a dreamy backdrop for the perfect photo op or event and the nursery offers an incredible array of plants one can take home to start their own private arboretum.


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