The Cathedral City Cove Art Scene

Many desert residents and visitors might not know that Palm Springs’ neighboring town, Cathedral City, is equally vibrant with creative types and personalities. The hilly side of Cathedral City, named the “Cove”, is surrounded by spectacular rocky mountains and beautiful landscapes dotted by palm trees, perfumed jasmine, and colorful bougainvillea. It’s probably why it has been a preferred retreat for artists since the 1930s.


The Cove resembles an exotic faraway destination similar to Morocco or Tunisia; it inspires plenty of poetry and the beauty is hard to resist. I speak from experience, as I was completely sold when I first moved out here last year. And yes, it is a small bohemian “Hollywood Hill” once you meet the residents and talented people that really care about preserving the Cove’s artistic legacy by bonding the community through the arts.

The art walk is clear proof of their commitment, as they organize this joyous event annually by showcasing four architecturally different homes with art pieces by local residents. The original home of renowned modernist painter Agnes Pelton, who moved to Cathedral City in 1938, is the focal point of the tour. The house is now owned by photographer Peter Palladino and performance artist Simeon Den, founders of the Agnes Pelton Society. Original paintings by Pelton are featured in the perfectly preserved living room. Don’t miss the next opportunity to visit the Cove and its colorful past. 2

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