About Me

Although blue blood runs in my Italian family with an ancestor who happened to be a count a few centuries ago, I wasn’t born a duchess, but quite a rebellious commoner! I traveled many European countries as a teen, lived and studied in Spain and moved to the States to become a rock star. My friends started calling me “Duchess” during the royal wedding frenzy and when an L.A. Times reporter interviewed me at Will and Kate’s visit to the Inner City Arts school, quoting me as the “Duchess of Silverlake” in her piece, my “royal” status was sealed for good.

I love traveling, discovering new places, experiencing new cultures, new foods, and meeting people. I’ve always been an adventurer and a curious cosmopolitan on a quest for the next cool place. I’ve always thought that one had to travel long miles to make certain experiences, but not in California! I’m often surprised to find gems in my own backyard. So, my main focus are all the fun things that Los Angeles and the Golden State have to offer. One day, I’ll definitely write about all the faraway lands and exotic countries that I will travel.

In the meantime, enjoy this ride.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Allin says:

    Sooooo proud of you! Knew you had it in your blood. Glad you put your lire/euros where your moth is!

  2. Gerry Birch says:

    I’m excited to read about your adventures. Carry on, Duchess!

  3. Presenting theeeee Duchess of Silverlake! I love it! So excited about your blog, Arianna. Yaay!

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