Grand Park

Many major cities have lush parks and gardens that are landmarks and prime tourist destinations. New York’s Central Park is a major attraction and literally the “green lung” of this concrete urban jungle. Chicago has numerous parks and areas richly decorated with fountains and contemporary sculptures and installations. One of them, Millennium Park, is the most electrifying and stimulating; it features Cloud Gate, a giant bean-shaped sculpture which reflects the city’s skylight, and Crown Fountain, two 50-foot glass block towers of flowing water that project the video images of 1,000 different Chicagoans. When the city of Los Angeles opened Grand Park this Summer; I was thrilled. We now have a an elegant and beautiful park in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, too.

The 12-acre park, which stretches from Grand to Hill avenues spanning for four blocks from the City Hall to the Music Center, is now one of the biggest one in Los Angeles County. Grand Park features the most gorgeous fountain (the beautifully remodeled Arthur J. Will Memorial fountain) with towers of water dancing in unison and also emerging from jets that allow families to water play. There are picnic areas and a built-in stage for different performances all framed by a landscape inspired by the six Floristic Kingdoms (Boreal, Neotropical, Paleotropical, South African, Australian, and Antarctic.) At night, the fountain displays a spectacular range of colors and the stage comes alive with different live music acts. There are many upcoming events planned at this park in the next few months, so catch the metro and get off at the newest L.A.’s landmark for some good times.

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