Bellezza in Bicicletta

I can’t think of any better weekend activity than riding my new Alice & Olivia bicycle around town. My colorful, girlie bike has quickly become my favorite means of transportation to see different neighborhoods and landscapes up close.



The duke and I have been enjoying exploring Silverlake by going for long bike rides around the reservoir, the rolling hills, and the farmers’ market. I love buying veggies and grabbing some breakfast while checking out new booths and hidden treasures. It’s absolutely genius to go garage sales hopping on a bicycle (unless you are buying furniture, of course!); you can stop at your leisure and not get into an accident trying to get a glimpse of what it’s displayed on the lawn. Every weekend there is a fabulous garage sale happening on the rolling hills and the effort of riding up to the top is soon replaced by the thrill of going downhill super fast! The Silverlake meadow is my favorite spot to take a break and lay on the soft lawn overlooking the reservoir. It opened two years ago and it’s the best urban space improvement ever!



We also have ventured down to the beach (not all the way from our house, that would take 2 days to complete LOL!); we unloaded our two wheels and went off on a great ride all the way from Venice to the Malibu Lagoon. Pedaling along the boardwalk is always something I recommend to friends from out of town — the salty air, the sand, and the blue ocean are a great backdrop for a romantic afternoon.


We covered the Highland Park and Pasadena neighborhood by Avenue 66, admiring the beautiful Victorian houses and estates. If you love architecture, riding a bicycle is the best way to discover many beautiful style variations and details at every corner.

Notoriously, L.A. is not a biker friendly town through and through, but this map should be helpful in pointing out the safest cyclable paths. Of course, there are many riders’ clubs around town that organize midnight rides like critical mass  and also the city’s sponsored Cyclavia, an event where some streets are completely shut down for cyclists to enjoy. This is truly a great punk rock thing to do in a city that thrives with cars. We’re joining the revolution!

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  1. lilamagazine says:

    assomigli a sofia loren ari!

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